Should Your High School Be Recognized for Its Success in Providing Equal Opportunity to All Students? Apply Now.

The National Education Policy Center is inviting high schools to apply for recognition as a “school of opportunity.”

A School of Opportunity is one that works hard to make sure that all children have equal opportunity to succeed.

The deadline for applying is May 1.

Learn more by going to this site:

High schools still have three weeks left to apply for recognition for working to close opportunity gaps: @NEPCtweet #schoolsofopportunity

Here are the criteria:

At the most basic level, a School of Opportunity must strive to ensure that all students have access to rich, challenging and supported opportunities to learn. This means that the school’s best opportunities cannot be exclusive or rationed. For this reason, we will recognize a school as a “School of Opportunity” only if it declines to restrict or stratify student access to those best opportunities. In addition, we seek to highlight schools with strong and welcoming cultures, therefore we will only recognize schools if they reject “zero tolerance” policies and other discipline policies that unnecessarily exclude students from opportunities to learn.

Accordingly, all applicants need to address the first two practices, Criterion 1 and 2. Then applicants may choose which four of the remaining eight criteria they wish to highlight in their application.

Criterion 1: Broadening and Enriching Learning Opportunities, with Particular Attention to Reducing Disparities in Learning Created by Tracking and Ability Grouping

Criterion 2: Creating and Maintaining a Healthy School Culture, with Attention to Diversity and to Reassessing Student Discipline Policies

Criterion 3: Provide More and Better Learning Time During the School Year and Summer

Criterion 4: Use a Variety of Assessments Designed to Respond to Student Needs

Criterion 5: Support Teachers as Professionals

Criterion 6: Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities in an Environment that Ensures Challenge and Support

Criterion 7: Provide Students with Additional Needed Services and Supports, Including Mental and Physical Health Services

Criterion 8: Create a Challenging and Supported Culturally Relevant Curriculum

Criterion 9: Build on the Strengths of Language Minority Students and Correctly Identify their Needs

Criterion 10: Sustain Equitable and Meaningful Parent and Community Engagement

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