Tomorrow is Earth Day! There Will Also Be Many “March for Science” Events

April 22 is an annual event to celebrate the Earth and to take steps to improve the environment for all who share the same planet.

Tomorrow there will also be a March for Science in many locales, notably in Washington, D.C. and in New York City. In New York City, the March for Science will assemble at Central Park West and 64th Street in Manhattan. Open the link for details.

Earth Day began in 1970 and is now a worldwide event.

What will you do?

Trump has promised to slash the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency. He does not believe that the climate is changing in response to human activity like pollution. Neither do most of those that he has put in charge of EPA and other agencies that relate to science. Scientists fear that those in this administration might wipe out decades of data that have been collected about climate change, in addition to defunding the agencies responsible for protecting the environment. What will happen to the Endangered Species Act? We must all stay informed to protect what is left and to resist the reversal of decades of effort to save the earth and its creatures.

It is hard to remember the days when automobiles and trucks spewed pollution and when smokers were free to smoke wherever they wanted, even in the enclosed cabins of airplanes.

What a shame to reverse those years of progress towards protecting the planet and protecting humans too.

Nearly 500 communities across the world will participate in Earth Day activities and a March for Science.

Join one. Be informed. Be active.

from novemoore


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