Mercedes Schneider on Tenure at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute

If you were irked by Checker Finn’s article calling for an end to teacher tenure, you will enjoy Mercedes Schneider’s biting commentary on “tenure” at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. She opens up the tax returns of TBF and reveals executive salaries. Working for a think tank in D.C. pays far more than teaching.

I was a founding board member of TBF, back when it started. Checker’s father was chairman of the board, and Checker was chosen to be executive director. Mr. Thomas B. Fordham was an executive in Dayton, Ohio, and Mr. Finn, Sr., was his lawyer. When Fordham’s widow died, Mr. Finn Sr. created the foundation in accordance with the will. Mr. Fordham had invested in blue chip stocks many years ago and never sold them, so he left a considerable estate.

As TBF became increasingly ideological and rightwing, and as I turned against the rightwing agenda of privatization and high-stakes testing, I left the board. That was 2009. I opposed TBF becoming an authorizer of charter schools in Ohio. I lost. I opposed seeking funding from Gates, on the grounds that it would compromise our freedom to criticize Gates. I lost. There comes a time when you realize it is time to part ways.

from novemoore


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