UPSET: Working Families Party Candidate in CT Wins Seat in Legislature

Joshua Hall, a teacher and VP of the Hartford Federation of Teachers, won an upset victory in the race for a seat in the Connecticut legislature on the Working Families Party line.

Here is the background.

The WFP calls itself the “progressive conscience of Connecticut.”

Joshua Hall Becomes First Working Families Party Candidate to Win State House Election

Joshua Hall Wins in Historically Democratic Stronghold

Working Families: We can help you win and we can also help you lose

Hartford – With five polls and absentee votes reporting in the 7th State House District, Joshua Hall has won the election with approximately 625 votes. The endorsed Democrat Rickey Pinckney received 512 votes and petitioning candidate Kenneth Green, a former Democratic State Representative, received 367 votes.

Joshua Hall, Vice President of Hartford Federation of Teachers:

“I’d like to thank all the candidates for running a competitive race focused on issues that Hartford voters really care about. And I especially want to thank voters and our union brothers and sisters for the outpouring of support they’ve given me throughout this race.”

“The 7th district made it clear tonight that they’re not satisfied with the direction that our economy and state are moving towards. They’re concerned about the quality of education in our schools, having good jobs and vibrant neighborhoods, and making sure that we have a just budget that strengthens their ability to earn a good living and care for their families. That starts with eliminating backdoor tax increases on working families and setting budget policy that generates revenue without harmful cuts.”

“I look forward to working with Democratic and Republican legislators, and representing my constituents as we work to fix our budget in a way that is fair for hard working taxpayers.”

Hall’s victory marks the first time that an independent Working Families Party (WFP) candidate wins a State House election, and the second time a WFP candidate wins a legislative seat in Connecticut. Ed Gomes was the first WFP candidate to win a State Senate seat in a 2015 special election. Prior to 2015, the last time an independent party candidate won a legislative seat was in 1938.

Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the CT Working Families Party:

“The Working Families Party congratulates Joshua Hall on a hard fought victory, and thanks him for his hard work on the campaign and deep commitment to the residents of the 7th district.”

“Joshua ran a campaign that all North End voters can be proud of and the results show it. He’s a lifelong 7th district resident. It’s communities like his where the harm created by bad budget policies is usually felt first and deepest. Joshua has been fighting for the 7th his whole life. Voters know that and they know that he stands for working families. As a public school teacher, he’s seen first hand how education cuts have hurt students and families in his district. His connection to the community, record of hard work and strong progressive vision is what motivated voters to come out and vote for him on a rainy day. He’ll bring fresh, new leadership to the 7th and will be a great State Representative.”

“Joshua Hall’s victory comes at a time when more strong, progressive leaders are sorely needed in Hartford and in our state. The city is in fiscal crisis and without state help, Hartford residents will be hurt by deep cuts, the effects of which will resonate across the region. The health of Hartford’s economy affects our entire state, making it critical that legislators step up and find progressive economic solutions that help families thrive and bolster our economy. Joshua gets this and so did voters today.”

“With budget negotiations underway, his election could not come any sooner. His voice at the Capitol will be a welcomed addition to the growing list of legislators fighting hard for fair and sustainable budget solutions that generate revenue for our state and creates jobs. He’s not afraid to go against the grain at the Capitol. He’s a fighter.”

“Joshua’s victory today is further proof of the growing appetite among voters for progressive reform, budget justice and fair taxation. Despite all the doom and gloom, voters in the 7th have demonstrated their support for tax reform and a fair budget proposal that doesn’t shift the state’s economic burden onto lower and middle income families struggling to stay afloat.”

“In a city with arguably the strongest party machine in the state, tonight’s results show that the WFP can help you win and we can also help you lose.”

Hall’s victory may reflect the Trump effect, bringing progressive voters to the polls, or a backlash against the conservative policies of Governor Malloy, or just on-the-ground organizing.

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