Teacher: Why You Should Opt Out

In response to a post where I explained the uselessness of the state tests, their lack of any information to help students or teachers, a teacher sent this comment:

“It isn’t just ENd-of-Year exams. It is also the beginning of the school year where less than 3 weeks into the school year we test kindergarten students (as well as the rest of the school). Nothing like a 7 year old wetting their pants because they don’t know how to use a mouse. But we need to rank and sort this kid right off the bat.

“Then of course there is the middle of the school year exams. Need to check growth and all. That is followed by the EOY exams.
The sad part is we waste millons on the test prep books, the test and not days but weeks of testing window each session. Then they base the science teachers evaluation on the math test. The art teacher on the reading test and so on. Makes perfect sense.

“The really hard part is telling parents the test means NOTHING. “We’ll how will I know if my child is progressing?” Well there are these things, we call them teachers. They know if your child is progessing or having issues. They knew before your child sat down in front of that computer monitor. Yet, because the teacher doesn’t whip out some magical number on a piece of paper, we would rather trust the computer. Why? because computers don’t lie. Only the people who program them.


from novemoore http://ift.tt/2qlcc3A


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