Teachers at Sacramento Charter Chain Founded by Kevin Johnson and Michelle Rhee Want to Unionize

Nationally, more than 90% of charter schools are non-union. That is the main reason that the Walton Family Foundation (of non-union Walmart) subsidizes so many of them. So, it is newsworthy when charter teachers ask to join a union. But in this case, it is newsworthy for other reasons.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a majority of teachers at the St. Hope charter chain in Sacramento have signed a petition to join the Sacramento Teachers Association. This charter chain was founded by former Mayor Kevin Johnson, husband of controversial Michelle Rhee. Johnson is no longer associated with the chain, but Rhee heads its governing board.

Kingsley Melton, a teacher at Sacramento High School, which is part of the St. Hope network, said some teachers had decided to unionize after attempts to resolve disputes with the organization’s leadership failed. He said frequent turnover of teachers and administrators and a general “lack of transparency” had fueled the push.

“Our desks are old, we have to fight for resources for kids — and when we asked where the money’s going, we never get a full answer,” he said.

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2qME9xE


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