News Flash! Bill Gates Discovers Multiple Intelligences

To those of us who have been around education for a while, we know that Howard Gardner of Harvard University was first to write about the idea of multiple intelligences. This has been the guiding idea of much of his work, recognizing that some young people are gifted in one area, but not in all areas. All of these intelligences are worthy and should be cultivated. His seminal book, Frames of Mind, was published in 1983 and attracted enormous attention.

But, lo! Bill Gates himself has just discovered multiple intelligences! Maybe he read about it and forget the source.

Gates built his career on strong logic and mathematical skills, establishing himself as a brilliant coder with a knack for solving technical problems. But he admits he lacked other strengths, such as strong interpersonal skills.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Gates shares the things he wishes he knew when he was just starting out in his career.

“Looking back on when I left college, there are some things I wish I had known,” Gates writes.

“Intelligence takes many different forms,” Gates says. “It is not one-dimensional. And not as important as I used to think.”

Do you think this will change his view on standardized testing as the only valid measure of students, teachers, and schools?

I doubt it.

But it is strangely encouraging to know that he has discovered multiple intelligences 34 years after Gardner pronounced them to be valid and important. Gates should give credit where credit is due. It is kind of like someone who arrived on the shores of Cape Cod in 1792 and announced that he just discovered America.

from novemoore


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