Plan to Attend the BATs Annual Conference in Seattle in July!

If you are a BadAss Teacher, or if you want to be one, or if you want to learn about their activities, you will not want their fourth annual conference in Seattle this summer.

BATs will be heading into summer with their 4th Annual Education Conference in Seattle, Washington at The Seattle Labor Temple.

Titled Back to School With BATs the conference, to be held on 7/22, will focus on Whole Child Education and cultural diversity.

How can we meet the social/emotional/cultural needs of our children?

The 7/23 event at Westlake Park will have participants engage in a powerful restorative justice circle!

#WeChoose public education, not the illusion of choice.

Keynotes for the event will be Dr. Wayne Au and Dr. Denisha Jones.

For event information and registration please go here:

To learn more about the BATs”

Twitter @BadassTeachersA #TBATs
Instagram @badassteachersa
BAT Blog

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