Utah: Betsy’s Pal Excited by Her Push for Vouchers

One of the wealthiest people in Utah is Patrick Byrne, who founded Overstock.com. He is a friend of Betsy DeVos and shares her passion for vouchers. Now, he says, the time is right because she’s in charge.


Byrne funded support for vouchers in a state referendum in 2007, but it was trounced by 62-32%. Blame it on those doggone teachers’ unions. Surely no one in Utah could possibly have opposed vouchers without having their minds controlled by nefarious teachers. And what a powerful union it is: the voucher referendum lost in every county in Utah.

Now Byrne feels the time is right to promote vouchers again, maybe by bypassing those pesky voters.

In light of growing evidence that kids are negatively affected by vouchers, why do people like Byrne and DeVos continue to push them? Are they blinded by ideology? Indifferent to evidence?

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2qgxbFA


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