Edgar A. Guest: How the Race and the Battles Are Won

Retired teacher Frank Breslin shared with me this poem by Edgar A. Guest. It seems appropriate from this time, when the people at the top seem to be intent on obliterating all progress made in the past 60 years towards a more just society.


Inch by inch and a foot is gained.
Two feet more and a yard is made.
Little by little is much attained.
Ounce by ounce and a pound is weighed.
Day by day and a week has passed.
Four full weeks and a month has flown.
Twelve brief months and we find at last
Out of them all a year has grown.

A day seems long and a mile seems far
And you scarcely notice the yard you’ve gained,
But by that much nearer the goal posts are,
And nearer still when the mile’s attained.
Oh, the hills seem steep when you start to climb,
But upward struggle and don’t you stop,
As the acorn grows to an oak in time,
Little by little you’ll reach the top.

Ounce by ounce and a pound is weighed,
And by and by are the pounds a ton;
Though swift or slow was the progress made,
It is all the same when the goal is won.
For whether you leap or whether you crawl,
You’ll find this truth — and it’s ages old!
That success is merely the sum of all
The tedious inches in miles retold.

~Edgar A. Guest~

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2rderUL


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