A Virginia Progressive Speaks Out About the Governor’s Race

A comment earlier today:

“I’m not known in this community (though I’m a Ravitch fan, hello!) but I’m a longstanding progressive and a resident of Virginia.

“After long thought I decided on Northam.

“Most importantly, we are not re-litigating Bernie v. Hillary. This is not a 2016 do-over. We shouldn’t act like it is.

“Both men are basic liberals, and neither without flaws. Northam is better on education, where Periello drank DFER Kool Aid and leans towards charters and vouchers.

“Most importantly, Northam has real ties and loyalties in Virginia. He’s doing what we want — a liberal who rises through the ranks and eventually becomes governor. It seems odd to turn on him as he rises because his success makes him “establishment.” It seems dangerous to pit a local VA person against the out-of-state Sanders/Warren/MoveOn voice.

“Yes, the left-wing should pull the party to the left. I’m all for primary challenges against conservative democrats. This is not a good example of it.”

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2sOFdmz


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