Newtown Mother: “My Daughter Died at Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre”

A year or two after the horrific massacre of children, teachers, and the principal of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, I began getting comments on the blog asserting that there was no massacre. I blocked those comments but I went to the link and watched the video that supposedly “proved” their claim. The video was disgusting. It purported to show fathers laughing until the TV cameras came on. It showed one of the children sitting on President Obama’s lap. Etc.

Why this elaborate effort to “prove” Sandy Hook was a hoax? President Obama, they said, wanted to manufacture this hoax to promote gun control.

This article in the Washington Post was written by a mother of a six-year-old who died at the school.

She is angry that Megan Kelly is interviewing the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has spread the Sandy Hook hoax far and wide on his radio show. One of his most devoted listeners is Donald Trump.

Megyn Kelly is no fool. I hope she shows what a vicious, ignorant, vile man this Alex Jones is. How unthinkable to exploit the tragedies of the families of Newtown.

from novemoore


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