How to Get Donald Trump to Block You on Twitter

CNN Reports that Donald Trump blocks people on Twitter if they insult him. I understand his reaction, as I have blocked a few incendiary people myself.

But then I am not President. I am not responsible for the defense of our nation and crucial decisions every day. I’m pretty busy for a person my age, but I confess I don’t have time to read every tweet directed at me.

Trump apparently has plenty of free time, even though he has 32 million followers.

“(CNN)Tweeting about ice cream or sending a GIF of the Pope doesn’t seem particularly momentous.

“But as some Twitter users are finding out, it doesn’t take much to be shut out by President Donald Trump.

For Rob Szczerba, it was a joke about a new ice cream flavor.

“He was making fun of Trump’s baffling late night tweet where he used the now-infamous ”

“@realDonaldTrump I heard #covfefe is a new flavor from Ben & Jerry’s. But it’s mostly just nuts!,” Szczerba tweeted at the President.”

He was blocked by Trump.

There is now a hashtag for people who were #blockedbytrump

WIRED magazine posted a running list of people blocked by Trump. It includes the novelist Stephen King, who said, laughing, “I may have to kill myself.”

from novemoore


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