A Question for Facebook Users

I have had complaints from regular readers that they are unable to put my blog posts on Facebook.

A reader wrote this earlier today:

“When I try to share your blog from Word Press on Facebook only your name shows up many times. Just tried it with your messages about Arizona and James Wilson. Does Zuckerberg not like you? I don’t know if others have this problem but I think you are being censored.”

I had no answer since I do not frequent Facebook.

I forwarded his question to a few friends.

Anthony Cody responded:

“I tested on both my personal wall, and on the wall of a group of which I am administrator. In both cases, when I posted a link to a post from Diane’s blog, no preview of the post would come up.

“My own blog, at http://ift.tt/1r7r6AM, is also a WordPress blog, and I tested it in the same way. In both cases, a preview of the blogpost appeared.

“I would not be surprised if Facebook is doing something in the name of “fighting fake news,” and perhaps put certain sites on some sort of blacklist where their posts are limited in this way. But I am not sure how to find out if this is the case! Perhaps you should ask your readers?


Have any of you encountered similar problems? Is this blog blacklisted on Facebook? I recall that Campbell Brown was hired by Zuckerberg to monitor Facebook for “fake news.” Is this her handiwork or am I being paranoid?


from novemoore http://ift.tt/2t4smPP


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