Bill Phillis: We Need The Separation of Church and State

Bill Phillis retired years ago as a Deputy Commission of Education in Ohio. He is passionate about equitable funding for the public schools. He has been relentless in exposing the raids on the state treasury by private profiteers like ECOT and for-profit charters. He founded an organization called Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy. If you live in Ohio, you should join his work.

Bill Phillis is a tireless warrior for public schools. Like almost everyone who fights for Democratic public schools, he is unpaid. He fights because of his convictions, not his wallet. The reverse is true for corporate reformers. Take away the hundreds of millions behind their malevolent privatization movement, and it would collapse.

I name Bill Phillis to the honor roll of this blog. He is a hero of public education.

He said this about the recent Supreme Court decision, which will divert more money from public schools to religious schools:

“U.S. Supreme Court rules Trinity Lutheran Church in Missouri is entitled to public funds for non-religious purposes

“The June 26 ruling in the Missouri case probably will not affect how Ohio does business with churches and parochial schools, but it does provide another wrecking ball to help knock down the wall of separation between church and state. Although it is a narrow decision, it paves the way for further mischief.

“Ohio provides several tax-funded perks for parochial schools-auxiliary services, administrative cost reimbursement, transportation and vouchers. Ohio already is at the very top of the nation in tax support for private parochial schools. The state provides more tax dollars per student to private schools than many public schools receive.

“Companion bills (SB 85 and HB 200), pending in the legislature, would greatly accelerate public support for a parochial education.

“The nation’s founders had good reason for erecting a wall between church and state. Many of them had firsthand knowledge and experience regarding the mischief inherent in mixing the two. Both church and state lose when the two become intertwined. Public support of one’s faith trivializes it. The dominate faith community tends to have undue influence on government. Iran is a good example of a country with no wall between church and state.

“The wall in the United States need repairs, not further demolition.”

William L. Phillis | Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding | 614.228.6540 ||

Ohio E & A, 100 S. 3rd Street, Columbus, OH 43215

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