A Guide to Voucher Jargon and Doublespeak

The NEA posted a handy explanation of the differences among current voucher programs.

Learn to understand Betsy DeVos’s euphemisms.

School vouchers are actually unpopular, which is why their advocates call them by another term.

“Voucher devotees like DeVos know this, which is why the term “school voucher” has been ditched in favor of more appealing terms.

“Take for example this line from DeVos’ speech to the AFC. Praising Indiana’s large-scale voucher program, she promised to “empower states and give leaders like Eric Holcomb the flexibility and opportunity to enhance choices Indiana provides its students.”

“In that one sentence alone, DeVos offers up four favorite euphemisms used to rebrand voucher legislation: “empower,” “flexibility,” “opportunity” and, of course, “choice.”

Confused about the difference between a “tax credit” voucher program and an “education savings account”? Read about it in this brief post.

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2sK9bvG


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