Why Do National Democrats Forget About the Threat to K-12 Schools?

Every day I get fund-raising appeals from Democratic and progressive national organizations. They usually include a list of critical issues and ask me which one I care most about. They never include K-12 schooling, which is now being battered and assaulted by DeVos and the Red state governors.

Here is a list I got today from the DCCC (I think that’s the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee). Here is its list:

Fully funding climate change research

A health care plan that takes the burden off families

Continued funding for Medicare and Social Security

Student loan forgiveness

Making tuition affordable for all

A $15 minimum wage

Protecting immigrants and immigration reform

Fully funding women’s health centers

Fighting economic inequality

Creating new jobs

Preserving President Obama’s Medicaid expansion

Gun violence prevention

Protecting voting rights

The form had a box for other. I wrote: STOP PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

And made no contribution.

No money until they acknowledge the threat posed by charters and vouchers.

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2u0x8ys


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