Maybe the Funniest Thread of Comments Ever on Amazon

I heard about a product called the Amazon Alexa. I wanted to learn more, went to Amazon, and found this fabulous thread about two electronic devices, the Alexa and the Echo.

“Question: I have 2 children, one named Alexa and the other named Amazon. Will this present any problems?

A: My kids do not respond to voice commands, do yours?!? I am selling my kids on eBay and buying the Echo.

A: My daughter Siri loves it..

A: I was in the same boat. After much debate with the husband, we decided to adopt our children out to family members. We could not be more pleased with our decision. This product has literally changed our lives.

A: Don’t worry about it. Your children do not have voice command recognition features, so only the Echo will respond accordingly. I’m not sure if they have the voice command upgrade for children yet. I heard it’s still buggy and only works when you pay it. see less
Lionel C.

A: No. It will only matter if you name your third child Echo.

A: This isn’t really a problem because as a parent, you usually just go through the entire list of available names before getting to the right one anyway. They’re probably all in trouble, so it’s not really an issue.

A: You will finally get an answer when you call their name.
Bryan F.

A: Just replace your children with the echos will cost you less in the long run.

A: No, in the Alexa app you can choose a wake-word with the choices being “Alexa”, “Amazon”, and “Echo”.
Seth Hollander

A: Yes, but you can always just donate your old items. Goodwill takes children now, just make sure to use their convenient “after hours” drop off. Huge donation deduction for tax purposes but may be offset by not having dependents.
S. Harper

A: While all the answers are funny, the ones I find MOST hilarious are the ones who don’t think this is a joke and are trying to solve your issue. Lol

from novemoore


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