VOX: Jared Kushner, the Boy Whose Daddy Bought Admission to Harvard

The Trump Justice Department plans to sue colleges and universities that engage in affirmative action to favor students of color for the sake of diversity.

Vox and several other websites said this is a good time to remember how Jared Kushner got admitted to Harvard.

Of course few will be surprised that Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, a wealthy and connected developer and political donor, helped him get in. But the details of just how that happened, described in Daniel Golden’s thoroughly reported 2007 book The Price of Admission, remain remarkable to this day.

What Golden found, essentially, was that Jared’s father handed Harvard (a school he did not attend) a big pile of money just as Jared was starting to apply to colleges. Around the same time, Jared’s dad got his US senator to contact another US senator to arrange a chat with Harvard’s dean of admissions.

Happily for the Kushner family, Jared was then admitted. But several officials at Jared’s high school outright told Golden that they found the choice puzzling, since his grades and academic record really didn’t seem to merit it.

Two senators contacted Harvard on behalf of young Kushner, Ted Kennedy and Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats.

The school that Jared attended was taken aback when he was admitted and far better qualified students were rejected.

If AG Jeff Sessiono wants to stop preferential treatment, then he will surely investigate universities that set aside seats for underqualified boys whose daddies offer large contributions.

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2vkoc7Q


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