Department of Education Will Continue to Spend More Than $1 Million Per Month to Protect DeVos

Politico reports that the Department of Education will renew the agreement with the U.S. Marshalls Service to protect Secretary Betsy DeVos, which cost nearly $8 million for six months. This occurs at a time when DeVos has enthusiastically endorsed budget cuts of billions to the Department’s programs. One program that she agreed to cut is a $10 million subsidy to the Special Olympics. Should the Dartment pay for her security detail or for opportunities for students with disabilities to demonstrate their athletic accomplishments? She is a billionaire. Why doesn’t she pay for her own security or ask her brother Erik Prince to send over a detail of his mercenaries?

“DEVOS, U.S. MARSHALS SERVICE TO RENEW SECURITY AGREEMENT: The U.S. Marshals Service and the Education Department plan to renew an agreement to continue providing protective services for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a spokesman for the Marshals Service tells Pro Education’s Caitlin Emma. Earlier this year , the Marshals signed a memorandum of understanding with the agency to provide protective services for DeVos for up to four years, “subject to the availability of funds and current threat assessments.” The Education Department at the time agreed to reimburse the Marshals Service an estimated total of $7.78 million for services spanning mid-February through September 30, or the end of the fiscal year. Now, both parties “plan to renew the reimbursement agreement beyond Sept. 30, which will continue the memorandum of understanding between the agencies for the protective detail for Secretary DeVos,” a Marshals Service spokesman said. The spokesman could not provide details about the anticipated cost or length of the reimbursement agreement and could not discuss specifics about threats to DeVos’ safety. The past four Education secretaries have been protected by the Education Department’s own small security force.”

from novemoore


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