Mike Klonsky: Rahm Emanuel Will Lay Off Nearly 1,000 Staff in Chicago

Mike Klonsky reports that Mayor Rahm Emanuel intends to lay off nearly 1,000 staff, including 350 teachers.

The Chicago Teachers Union responded:

Once again, Mayor Emanuel has topped Governor Rauner’s ruthlessness towards Chicago’s public school students with his own savage, short-sighted response, by further stripping to the bone schools that he’s forced to function in a climate of civic abandonment and the violence that his neglect has caused. — CTU Blog

Mike Klonsky writes:

“Yes, it’s true that the lion’s share of the blame for the devastation of public education now taking place statewide, falls on our sociopathic Republican Gov. Rauner who just last week, vetoed the emergency school-funding bill. Then there’s a Democratic-Party-dominated legislature, has long been gutless when it comes to making the state’s wealthiest shoulder their fair share of the tax burden.

“But when it comes to racist duplicity, the buck stops at the fifth floor of City Hall. Why? Because this latest round of cuts, which hits hardest at predominantly African-American and Latino high school students, comes on the heels of Rahm Emanuel’s plan to make it more difficult for city students to receive their hard-earned high school diplomas.

“The mayor mandates that kids without a job offer or college acceptance can no longer graduate from high school. There’s an exception to the new rule. Enlisting in the military can fulfill the graduation requirement which could make CPS the nation’s number-one military recruiter of black and brown youth.

“Yesterday’s layoff of hundreds of staff, follows last year’s round of layoffs of 1,000 teachers and staff, including counselors, and will condemn that many more students to academic failure and loss of future college and job prospects. They’re losing the very support network needed to help them fulfill the new mandates.”

from novemoore http://ift.tt/2vNahrL


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