Jeff Bryant: When Betsy DeVos Says “School Choice,” Think Crony Capitalism

Jeff Bryant warns journalists and the public to look behind Betsy DeVos’s words and watch her deeds.

She lauds the importance of supporting teachers at the same time that she endorses Trump’s proposed $2.4 billion cuts for teacher training. She speaks honeyed words about STEM education as that same proposal slashes funding for STEM. And bear in mind, when hearing her praise for science, that she works in the most anti-science administration in history. Besides, her family foundations have supported creationist and other religion-based curricula.

Bryant reviews her recent visit to Michigan, her home state, and notes that she showered attention on private institutions, including one directly connected to the DeVos family.

She may be the only Secretary of Education in memory who was allowed to hold investments that directly conflict with her official duties and is allowed to continue to make new investments as she serves. She recently increased her holding in Neurocore, a quack corporation that claims to cure autism and other disabilities with biofeedback. She and her husband are the company’s biggest stakeholders. When I worked st the U.S. Department of Education, even the appearance of conflict of interest was strictly prohibited. The ethics officer must be asleep or reassigned to other duties.

from novemoore


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