Little Rock: The Waltons Pull a Fast One and Buy Another School for Conversion to Charter

Arkansas belongs to the Walton family, the richest family in the U.S., which runs the state like its personal plantation. If the Waltons cared about children, they might focus their spending on child health and well-being in Arkansas, but instead they spend $200 million a year spreading charters where they are not wanted. The family claims credit for launching one of every four charters in the nation. And of course they are very generous to Teach for America, which supplies the low-wage, non-union, short term employees needed to star charters.

Max Brantley, former editor of the Arkansas Times, is not afraid of the Waltons. He writes fearlessly about their domination of the state.

Their latest outrage involved the Waltons’ swift and secretive purchase of Little Rock’s Garland School. The sale was not advertised. There were no bids other than the Waltons’. Brantley assumes they mean to use it for charters.

The Waltons recently maneuvered to have the entire Little Rock district taken over by the state, even though only 6 of 48 schools didn’t meet state standards. This was a power grab. It removed the elected board, making it easier for the Waltons to pick over the bones of the district.

For their contempt for public education, their lust for power, and their determination to impose their will on others, I add the Walton family to the Wall of Dhame.

from novemoore


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